President Allen Ku interviewed by WorldJournal on Chino Development Project

President Allen Ku was interviewed by World Daily regarding the upcoming launch of the Chino Shopping Mall New Development Project. This interview garnered significant attention from the media, political figures, and local residents, with representatives from both the former and current mayors of Walnut, as well as delegates from the Chino City government in attendance.

One of the standout features of this new development project is its strong focus on environmental sustainability. President Allen Ku emphasized during the interview that they are committed to creating an environmentally friendly shopping mall to ensure sustainable development in the region. The plans include energy-efficient buildings, solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and other eco-friendly facilities aimed at reducing the environmental footprint.

The former and current mayors of Walnut expressed confidence in the project during the event, believing it will bring new vitality to the regional economy and offer more employment opportunities for residents. They also highlighted the regional cooperation between Walnut and Chino, which will better serve the needs of residents and businesses.

Furthermore, the Chino City government sent representatives to attend the event and pledged full support for the project's implementation to ensure its success.

In addition to President Allen Ku's interview, the informational session also invited other homebuilders to participate, sharing their interest and investment plans for this new development project. Attendees responded enthusiastically, expressing optimism about its potential impact.

The Chino Shopping Mall New Development Project is regarded as a significant milestone in regional development, bringing new opportunities to the local community while demonstrating a commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development. We look forward to witnessing further progress and realization of this project in the future.

Source: Tritton

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