Prominent Political and Business Figures Gather at President Allen Ku's Chino Shopping Mall New Development Project Presentation

On September 8, 2023, a grand event witnessed the convergence of eminent political and business figures who came together to attend President Allen Ku's presentation on the Chino Shopping Mall New Development Project. Held in Chino, this event attracted both former and current mayors of Walnut, representatives from the Chino City government, and professionals from the construction industry, garnering broad social attention and support.

In a show of strong support for the development project, both former and current mayors of Walnut were in attendance. They unanimously believed that the Chino Shopping Mall New Development Project would infuse new economic vitality into the region, provide more employment opportunities for local residents, and contribute to elevating the community's development standards. Furthermore, the Chino City government sent representatives to express their wholehearted support for the project, emphasizing the importance of government-civic collaboration.

During his address, President Allen Ku particularly emphasized the project's green and eco-friendly features. He underscored their commitment to creating an environmentally friendly mall to ensure sustainable development in the region. This vision encompasses energy-efficient buildings, solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and other eco-friendly facilities, all aimed at reducing environmental impacts while fostering economic growth. The project is expected to provide high-quality job opportunities, further driving local economic development.

Additionally, professionals and peers from the construction industry were present at the event, actively exploring and evaluating the potential of this new development project. Their participation highlighted their keen interest in the project and demonstrated the construction industry's support and confidence in its success.

The gathering of prominent political and business figures at President Allen Ku's presentation on the Chino Shopping Mall New Development Project marks a significant moment, representing new opportunities for regional development. It is believed that the project will have a positive impact on both the community and the environment.

Source: Tritton

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