I Will

Will you be my forever,
will you hold my hand--
smile at me
when you see my bright green eyes,
will you walk beside me 
on equal ground,
will you always lend an ear
and give me your rock-solid advice
when I least expect it
(and likely most need it)?

Will you make me laugh
to the point of tears
and bellyaches and lock-jaw,
will you hold me tightly 
while I cry
huge, childish sobs,
will you ease my pain
and share my experiences?

Will you listen to my dreams
and help me foster them,
will you live with me always,
will you allow me inside your heart?

Will you stand strong
when I am too weak to move,
will you take care of me when I am sick
and alone,
will you be there to help me again do
those things that once seemed so natural?

Will you love me so tenderly 
and pamper me as if I am
the only princess in the world--
will you love me as if I am
the only other human alive?

Will you make me laugh
when the only other reaction I would have
to life is tears?

Will you allow me my independence--
my freedom,
will you release me
when I must go,
will you hold on to me so tightly
at night
that I never know life without you
in my waking hours?

Will you sing to me
in your sweetest voice,
will you love me until 
I'm out of breath and soaked in sweat--
and then love me more,
will you be my best friend
will you be my only, my

Will you make me cry
out of pure love for you,
will you wipe the tears from my cheeks
with your smooth hands,
will you lovingly brush the stray hairs from my face,
will you watch me,
comfort me,
soothe me,
encourage me,
know me--
will you learn me better
than anyone else could ever know me,
will you read my thoughts?

Will you tell me I am
the most beautiful woman in the world--
because you sincerely believe it?

Will you prove your love to me
over and over again--
simply through thoughts and actions,
so that I never doubt you?

Will you make me forget
anyone else I have ever known,
will you love me so much
I can't imagine loving another,
will you be my

(I hear only silence.
With my head high, I smile and answer--
"I will.")


2000 linda lee tritton

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