You married her because
she was the prettiest girl you'd ever seen.

You're a simple man with 
simple desires,
you're easily amused and 
easy to please.

You're the hardest working man
I've ever known.

You believe in neighbors
as family.

Working in the yard
is your therapy,
and the garage is your
art studio.

You're average
but handsome
with honest blue eyes
and a sidewinding grin.

You dutifully do the chores
everyone else ignores,
you take the time to do things right--
you can't lie.

Your favorite things to do--
drink beer and watch football,
fall asleep in your La-Z-Boy,
read a Louis L'Amour or a
Tom Clancy, John Grisham,
as you rock back and forth
twitching your thumb and forefinger together
while your right leg hangs over the arm
showing off your curled toes.

You're always there for family
and you used to take night shift schedules at work
just to have weekends off with us.

You stand up straight and tall and
proud of your daughters' accomplishments,
you keep quiet about
those things you disapprove of
but you always find a way
to make your point.

When you tell a story your crows-feet cornered
eyes sparkle with delight
and one side of your mouth points up
as it opens to tell the tale
while the other side stays closed
until your guffaw when you've
let the secret out to the world--
you can always command attention that way,
with your laugh
and that smirk
and the twinkle in your eye.

We used to go fishing in your VW Bug,
and we could sit for hours--
with our knees dangling over the dock's edge.

You've told me the same stories
a thousand times,
of getting drunk with work friends,
of having fun when you were young,
and I imagine your adventures...

You've never liked dancing,
although I've always looked forward
to our dance at my wedding.

You're an advocate for ice cream dinners
and coffee desserts,
of working hard to get what you want,
sweating until you collapse in bed
and being there for your family.

You're the most amazing man I know,
you're my Daddy
and I love you.


1999-2000 linda lee tritton

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