Two just meeting, pouring
information into each others' heads
like water overflowing in a wild river--
not absorbing quite as much
as they could,
not pausing to breathe--
only swimming with the fish,
glancing at each other along the route
to smile, take note
how they reflect each other
with shimmering molecules of oxygen
hydrogen, hydrogen--
explosions of transparent gases
flooding the air raining water,
feeding curiosity
planting seeds for trees to come--

I lean back against plush feather pillows and sigh,
pondering a new fish in my waters--
to stay in my entangled net, or 

I smile, enjoying the upcoming storyline,
a plot where I don't know the resolution
(my favorite kind)
and this, the next chapter in the journey of my ocean,

I swallow, I breathe, 
I enjoy.


2000 linda lee tritton

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