I miss college.

I want to go to homecoming at the end of October.  I don’t think it’s gonna happen… since I have to pay off a ticket then at the courts. 

Yes, my very first speeding ticket in Texas since I got my license over 10 years ago….. ugh.

My best friend from college is going to homecoming.  It’s also the five year reunion for my class.  I’d love to go.  I’ve been wanting to get back to Nashville for some time now… to see how the campus has changed, to see how Nashville has changed with the predators and now the titans.

I miss Nashville.

I miss college.

I miss having intellectual, philosophical discussions all night long in the Pub and taking a break to go play Funhouse.  I miss drinking beer while studying, sitting in the dimly lit booth half dozing, listening to techno to keep me awake and somewhat focused.

I miss being in organizations with other people who had similar interests.  I miss the ease of making friends.  You had so many people, your age, with the same interests, similar backgrounds (or completely different so you could learn from each other), similar course loads, and it was so easy to reach out the find people you could truly connect with.

I miss that…

College is such a precious and delicate and fleeting time in life.  It’s important to seize every moment of it and pack in as much as you can, and roll it all up and keep it safe in your mind and heart so that later in life you can dip into those memories to give you vitality and to renew your strength and passion.

I just wish someone had told me that during my freshman year.  Unfortunately… I didn’t figure these things out until it was nearly over.

Donate to the “send linda to homecoming” fund via paypal.

I’m half kidding….

Which also means I’m half serious.


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