Today I feel like I canít accomplish anythingÖ feel frustratedÖ annoyed, irritated, alone, worn out, blah.


Itís all this girlís motherís fault.  She called us and yelled and claimed we booked the wrong thingÖ but it was actually her mistake and we have written documentation to prove it.  But that doesnít matter.. we were trying to come up with a workable solution, and the solution that both my superior and I simultaneously and independently came up with is not acceptable to her. 


But she just completely deflated me.  Deflated, to me, is sticking a needle in my side and pulling it out and all the stuff just comes gushing out of me, spilling all over the floor, making a mess of me and everyone around me. 


I feel that contagious.


I donít mind dealing with upset customers, itís not thatÖ itís just that she tried every tactic in the book, and finally something she said got to me and she was crying on the other end, and blaming us, and it was making me crazy. 


And I canít seem to take anything more today.  Donít be dropping any bombs on me today, I canít handle it.  Iím tired of people whining and being rude and mean and cruel.  Iím tired of people not following through with things they say they will do, and then it either takes them forever or they donít do it at all.



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