my sister got married tonight, friday the 13th.  this is significant because: it's not her first wedding, so she didn't want to be so "traditional" ... they got married at a fire station (how untraditional is that... they're both volunteer firefighters)... on a friday night... the 13th... but the main reason they picked this date was because it is my grandmother's birthday. 

we grew up with my grandmother (in the same house)... she was a second mother to me.  and she passed away on my sister's 30th birthday ... february 11, 1997.  so getting married on sept. 13th, being my grandmother's birthday... was so special for my sister.  it made the whole day... the whole wedding seem charmed, blessed, and just that much more special.

i feel like my sister is truly whole now, with her new man... and she has made peace with herself and with my grandmother's passing.

my sister, i think, is the strongest woman in our family.

i love her dearly, though we're only just getting to know each other.

congrats, wendy.


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