we got kittens!  they're maine coons.  we named them geryn  (male) and brianna (female).

here they are...



both cuddled together

playing on their favorite chair (all four kitties love this chair!)

father & son (toooo cute!)

mopsie doing the fancy feast dance (she'll even moonwalk!)

mopsie again, fancy feast dance part deux

cici.. climbing the wall.  i have never been so glad i had a camera in my hand!  she thought she saw a bug on the wall, but it was actually a hook.  she charged after it!

and of course, we've got nicknames for all the cats too.  brianna is piglet-- because she'll eat anything in sight.  in fact, she's a greedy little bitch!  geryn is noodle, because as soon as you put him in your arms and hold him like a baby (lying on his back), he just goes limp... he loves it!  mopsie is "mop" or old bitty... because she's the old bitch.  she's at least 12 but acts 3.  sometimes.  and cici... rotund one (ro-tawnd-wan) because that cat is FAT!  hey, fat & happy or lean & mean, right?

so we've got our little family now... some day we'll have 2-legged monsters running around, i'm sure.


(p.s. if you'd like to know the breeder we got the maine coons from, it's enchantacoon.  very highly recommended!)


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