Enough tv. Enough news, enough broadcasting, enough breaking stories, enough is enough. Iíve had it.

Iíve been watching tv almost nonstop over the past day and a half, and I swear this is the most Iíve ever watched tv in my entire life. Thereís something that holds me there, and yetóthe instant I turn the tv off, the news just disappears. It disappears because I am not in New York City, it disappears because I am not in DC, it disappears because I am not in remote PA. I am here, in Dallas Texas, far away from it all. Iíve been living a surreal existence over the past couple of days. This is not real, it canít be. New Yorkís skyline is still intact. Thousands of people havenít died, this is just a bad dream.

But it is real. This is whatís happening. The tragedy has indeed stricken, and here I am so absorbed in my own little world when suddenlyósomething so much bigger than me, than my life, than my problems, hits America and I donít know what to do. I donít know what to feel, I feel numb. I feel like Iím watching the live making of a movie. This stuff happens in movies, not in real life. This is bullshit.

But here it is.

How is this supposed to sink in? How are we supposed to deal with this? Whatís next? Will this start a war? How will we get back on our feet? I donít know. Nobody knows. We just have to wait and see, and life moves on.

Life goes onÖ thankfully.


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