so, i've been quiet this month.

that doesn't mean life is boring, or bad, or busy, or great, or exciting, or anything.  it just means... well, hm.  yes, i have been busy... yes there are some changes happening, yes i have been occupied with other things than spending time on a computer.

the run-down-- last tuesday was the depeche mode concert.  as usual, they were great.  it was hot as hell (this is texas, this is july) and i sweat more than i care to remember.  the place was packed-- but that was all the fun.  the playlist was mostly old stuff-- they played about half of the violator album (hello, 11 years ago), about 6 songs from exciter, a couple from ultra, a couple from songs of faith and devotion, and the last two songs they played-- black celebration and never let me down again-- two of their greatest songs ever...

they were better than when i saw them in '98.  they had more energy, more show, more variety, more stage presence, and just... more.  in '98 it was so obvious they were tired, run-down, pooped, ready to quit.

they are getting old-- hell, they've been together for 22 years now-- and it's easy to tell that they're tired but at least tuesday it was clear they were trying so hard.

the next night we went to see jeckyll & hyde-- thinking it was the broadway touring troupe (oh were we ever mistaken... it was a local show).  still, it was at a great performance hall, and it was mildly entertaining.

at least we had incredibly awesome food.

and, good company.

i'm exhausted-- things are catching up with me-- lack of sleep and too much going on and it's all caught up with me now...

and, i'm in the process of packing.  but not really...

i'm moving out of my parents' house and into an apartment (fortunately, this time it's just across town instead of across the country).  it's actually a two bedroom condo but the girl who's there now (my new roommate) is leasing it from the owner.  i've signed the lease... it's cheap... i get my own bathroom... it has a huge kitchen.  yay!  i'm psyched.

no really.  you don't understand what a hard time my parents and i have had, living under the same roof again, and i'm all set with that (some new england expressions still linger in my vocabulary).

anyway... i think that's it.

for now.


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