Mmmph!  What a hottie.  So, who's this?  It's my lover, David Gray.  haha... Ok, so the "lover" thing is a joke that my friend Sharon initiated years ago-- she used to be in love with Jon Secada (why, oh why?) so she'd call him "her lover."  I guess you had to be there.  I guess you'd have to know Sharon.  I wish everyone could know Sharon because she's one of the most remarkable people I've ever known.  If it weren't for her I wouldn't have made it through Vanderbilt.  Really-- I would've left after Freshman year, maybe before.  She's entertaining and wild and she's got a heart of gold and I love her to death.  We fought like sisters (cats?) sometimes but we also held each other together a lot of the time.

My Sharona, I miss you!

Anyway.  It's time for some DG lyrics.  I swear he is the greatest lyricist since Bob Dylan.  He tells a great story and he's just got such emotion in all of his songs... I will share a few lyrics here (but really you just need to go buy his music).

"Well your heart ain't yours to control,
no matter how tight the rein,
love will find its own direction.
A time to reap, a time to sow
and many a time to cry in bed,
but now the time to celebrate
the glory of this very imperfection.
The same thing that's scrolled across the stars
is written under our skin,
new horizon, new horizon within.

Things come too easy--
I get suspicious,
things come too slow--
I get bored,
If it don't work out--
I get superstitious,
but if it does--
well, oh my word!"

--"New Horizons" off of his second album, Flesh

"For all that we struggle
for all we pretend
it don't come down to nothing
except love in the end
and ours is a road
that is strewn with goodbyes
but as it unfolds
as it all unwinds
remember your soul is the one thing
you just can't compromise
take my hand
we're gonna go where we can shine."

--"Shine" from his first album, A Century Ends

"Cos when I hold you naked
when I hear you laugh
I got a sword to stem the rivers
and cut the moon in half."

--"Coming Down" from his second album, Flesh (what a great analogy for a hard-on!)

Oh.... there are so many more.  Today I just bought The Ep's 92-94 (yes, so now it's apparent where all my money goes these days) and there are some great songs there too.  They're all great in their own way, and all of his music is so radically different from White Ladder.  But White Ladder was recorded in his friend's house with traffic going by, and David funded it all on his own and had to use a drum machine.  When you know this the album makes a little more sense.  So... have I prompted anyone to buy a David Gray album yet?  I don't care... I love his music so much, and I identify with it-- and that's enough for me.


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